Would you like to stop smoking?

Markus, chef, former smoker

Cigarette companies and nicotine patch vendors would have you believe that smoking is terribly addictive. But whereas alcoholics or heroin addicts suffer terrible withdrawal symptoms, nicotine withdrawal is usually limited to cravings and irritability. Nearly all women who smoke give up when they become pregnant - not so for crack addicts. Smokers may forget their urges on the plane, and find they are 'dying for a cigarette' upon arrival.

Dying for a cigarette!

Giving up is difficult for psychological, not physiological reasons. People often return to cigarettes because of a psychological trigger - a pint, an argument, a shared moment with a friend or whatever. Those associations, which the primitive emotional mind refers back to when the intellectual mind is bypassed, can be dissolved painlessly and efficiently with hypnotherapy. Post-hypnotic triggers can be set to respond to an offered cigarette with polite refusal. This gives you your autonomy back - and the effect on your life goes well beyond that unpleasant habit.

I don't offer booster sessions, because if you genuinely want to stop then you won't need them, and you will walk out of my clinic a non-smoker.