Would you like to be free of phobia?

Specifics phobias can focus on anything from spiders to aeroplanes, buttons to bananas. They can be severely debilitating.

Sometimes the primitive parts of our minds learn to associate some trigger with a massive rush of stress hormones. When the trigger is a black widow spider it is a helpful response that may keep us alive; but if the amygdala responds to lifts or needles by stimulating sweating, panic and a churning stomach, normal life can become difficult.

Generally treatment for phobia takes around 3 sessions, but if you only have a few days before your flight 1 or 2 may be enough.

"Three sessions and I've gone from crying and freaking out at needles to today actually injecting myself with insulin. There was a time I thought I'd have to give up my job and move near someone who could do it for me everyday. This was less than two weeks ago. TWO WEEKS!!!

I can have my life back. Eat normally. Do stuff again. There is no understating what Danny has done for me. I didn't even flinch putting the needle in.

Danny is nothing short of a miracle worker and a total angel.  I even got stuck in a lift on Sunday (my other big fear) and didn't have an ounce of panic."

    <---- Kerry, former needle phobic, Birmingham

"Not so long ago, I was faced with the prospect of a 14 hour flight to Brazil. Danny took me through a hypnotic sequence in which I was guided across a placid lake on a slow boat, and then travelled into the suggestive depths of well…somewhere…

I would have thought I’d fallen asleep were it not for Danny’s rich and kind voice anchoring me and eventually beckoning me back to shore.  Needless to say, my long distance flight plane was one of the easiest and most relaxing I’ve ever had… I almost enjoyed it…"

- Michael, former aerophobic (still camera-shy!), London