Would you like to put the past behind you?

Trauma can be rooted in a specific event such as an accident or violent attack. It can also develop over a sustained period of abuse or neglect at the hand of a parent, partner or significant other. Either way, PTSD can continue to aversely effect day-to-day life with a wide variety of symptoms including:

  • flashbacks, nightmares, insomnia
  • repetitive invasive images or ideation
  • pain, nausea, headache, trembling
  • emotional numbing, avoidance
  • difficulty relaxing or concentrating
  • anger & irritability
  • co-morbid phobias, depression, anxiety
  • addiction or self-harm

Talking about trauma can only do so much. With solution focussed hypnotherapy we do not spend too long picking through the details of the trauma, which you are well aware of anyway. We focus on:

  • reducing anxiety and implementing strategies keeping it within healthy limits
  • dissolving and replacing mental templates
  • where we want to get to with your life