Do you wish you had more confidence?

Self-esteem and self-image shift with the workings of the unconscious mind, and hypnosis provides a safe and rapid route in, helping you to do what you want to do with confidence.

Emma (photographer, excellent human)

My first experience with hypnotherapy was as a client working on confidence for public speaking. I was blown away by how quickly and completely it eliminated my anxiety, and today I am regularly flown to universities and conferences around Europe to speak on my research.

  • Feel great during public speaking
  • Improve your relationship with yourself and others
  • Free yourself from inhibitions
  • Sit your driving test without stress
  • Increase your enjoyment and success in work, life and love

As well as general trance work to reduce anxiety, our sessions will tackle specific situations that cause your confidence to dip. Benefits will be felt after the first session or two.

"I feel like a different person, not weighed down by this misconception about myself that I had been carrying around all these years" - Emma

Emma came to me with severe anxiety about public speaking, but after three sessions she was ready to teach photography to a room full of strangers on the Sahrawi Refugee camp in the Western Sahara - loving every minute of it. In a light trance she was able to Rewind an unsettling memory of speaking in front of class at school, running it forwards, backwards, fast-forward and black and white on a cinema screen in her imagination until the emotional intensity had been drawn off. Then we did a Reframe, taking her forward to the classroom on the camp, accessing resources of confidence and setting suggestions to be triggered by cues she would encounter.